We are out on the road again!
The sun is rising above the highways.
On our way from rave to rave.
Our hearts are full of freedom
because we are the knights
of the Rock'N'Roll Kingdom.
    Now we are sitting on our hot machines
    blood and iron is all we need
    Dread an fear where ever we are
    We're filled up with hunger and greed
    for Rock'N'Roll
The smell of gas is in the air
The vibration of our bikes between our legs
makes us happy and satisfied
We are faster than the eagles
and our manes are waving in the wind.
    Now we are ...
We are out on the road again!
Our motorbikes are shining in the sunlight
Like the ironbars in our cells
We have been to prison but now we are back
to save the Rock'N'Roll Kingdom.
    Now we are ...
Children dying from falling bombs
Millions crying in dread and despair
You are being told to just shut up
Opinions put down by silence and fear
Money, power and influence
are more important than innocent lifes
Government is making a profit
while your brother gets killed by rusty knives.
    No more war!
Do you see the blood on the razor wire?
What do you think it's message is?
It's the sign of death and agony
of violence and enmity!
So listen to our sound of metal
and cry out all the worries you have
Never let the suckers put you down
The just want you to kill and turn around.
    No more war!
They are riding the clouds and the winds
Thunder and lightning are following behind
They are the angels of death and destruction
Their sword is gonna drop on mankind
their sword is gonna drop on mankind
    So regret!
    When mountains go up in flames
    When the earth starts to quake
    When you ask yourself 'why?'
    They've come here for you to die
    they've come here for you to die
You know there is no place to hide
The final judgement comes closing in
You can see the fires and smell all the blood
You are gonna pay, 'cause your life's been a sin
pay, 'cause your life's been a sin.
    So regret ...
And I looked and behold a pale horse
and the name that sat on him was Death
and hell followed with him
And power was given unto them
over the fourth part of the earth
to kill with sword and hunger
and with the beast of the earth.
    So regret ...
You scream out of fear and of pain
The skies are red and black is the light
You cry; your condemned to live in hell
You're on your knees down before Satan's might
on your knees down before Satan's might

Hapi - Hansa Pils, jeder trinkt's, jeder will's

An vielen Plätzen dieses Landes
kann man weißblaue Dosen sehen. Und Menschen, die darüber klagen
Intolerant sind sie, sie wollen es nicht verstehen,
daß andere nicht so viel Geld haben
und sich an Hapi laben.